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Help me! I'm a genius!


You're brilliant. Super talented. And you're oozing with high quality intellectual property. We help you structure your thoughts, extract your expertise and create powerful programs that you can market and sell.  We free up your time so that you can focus on that unique thing that you could do in your sleep, that you would do for free, and that EVERYONE around you asks you to share with them.

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Web & Email Copy, Blogs, Webinars, Workshops--Whatever!


We help you communicate passionate messages and educate your audience and ideal clients on your genius. We'll build your content for you, and help you navigate the technology maze so you can select the best platform to use for delivering your expertise to the world. We're also glad to jump in and help with copy for your websites, landing pages, email campaign or blog. Basically, we're going to help you bottle up that genius so you can distribute it to your customers, followers, and fans.

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Every Genius Needs a Superhero


Never fear! Content That Matters is here--and we are passionate about giving you the opportunity to share your genius with the world. Since you can't clone yourself or teleport (yet), let's work together to build content that will inform, excite, and attract your clients  even if you're not standing in front of them describing how great you are.

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Which Geniuses Do we Rescue?

Businesses and Organizations


Whether your company is looking to establish an expert presence in the market place with social content or you need support with training, online course development or strategic communications, we're here to serve you. We offer flexible content solutions infused with innovation, custom technology, and specialized consulting. 

Savvy Entrepreneurs


If you're tired of people asking to "pick your brain" in exchange for a fancy sandwich or $6 coffee, consider building a product that will allow them to  "virtually" pick your brain and pay you for your expertise. Let us help you with your web and print content, your online coaching programs, and other content technology.

Hobbyists and Side Hustlers


Maybe your corporate gig keeps you busy during the day, but outside of work you spend time working on your true passion or side business. Think about how you could turn your hobby into additional income or your side hustle into a main hustle! Let Content That Matters capture your genius and display it to the world.

Yes! Please come to My Rescue!

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